CPIM in Parliament

SHRI M.B. RAJESH (PALAKKAD): Madam, we are discussing this important issue at a time when the campuses across the country are boiling in an unprecedented outrage and protest.

P. Karunakaran’s Speaks in Lok Sabha on Adjournment Motion on Lalit Modi’s issue on 12th August, 2015.

SHRI SITARAM YECHURY: Sir, I want an explanation for my name being referred to the day-before-yesterday and disparaging comments were made by the Leader of the House...

A discussion is not a substitute for an investigation, and till that investigation is ordered by the Government and till the concerned people step down from office, there cannot be a discussion here. That is the point that I have to make.” Sitaram Yechury has said in Rajya Sabha today

Discussion is no substitute for investigation

It has come to my notice that a draft National Tourism Policy has been placed on the Ministry's website on May 1st, 2015, inviting comments by May 10th, 2015. This provides less than 10 days time to study the document, investigate related issues and prepare comments, let alone community interactions on the same, which needs much more time. The fishing, farming and tribal communities are most impacted by tourism. Government's cynicism towards the common citizens is evident from their attitude - the document has not been translated in local languages.

In the enclaves there are no physical lines, no demarcation that separates enclave dwellers from people living in the mainland of Bengal and Bangladesh. The communities have the same culture food habit dress and most importantly the same mother tongue. The only difference is the realization- that they stay in a ‘foreign land.’

The Internet is becoming more and more important in people’s lives – as a source of knowledge, a means of communication, and as the vehicle for all forms of media. This has led to the demand that the internet be declared a public utility and for the opposition to violations of net neutrality.


How can a sitting minister say molestation is an act of God, says Yechury


What's happening in Chattisgarh now. Your argument for having same party's Govt. both at centre & state has fallen flat.