CPI(M) in States

Identify the real faces behind the masks. Resist communal forces. Built a strong barricade of protest and give message to the whole India by electing 8th Left Front Government in Tripura- Comrade Subhashini Ali, Member, Polit Bureau, CPI(M) said.

"Would you like to transfer the political power of Tripura to BJP which in the name of nationalism is continuously trying to sell the wealth of the nation to the Big Business houses?" asked comrade Tapan Sen while addressing an election rally in Matabari in Tripura on 24th January.

Formation of Eighth Left Front Government and Defeat of the BJP will be Tripura's gift to India : Comrade Brinda Karat

With the announcement of the Left Front candidates, a wave of enthusiasm and determination swept Tripura. Leading from the front Comrade Manik Sarkar addressed a massive rally in Dukli sub division in Hapania on 23rd January.

The Left Front in Tripura has announced list of candidates for upcoming assembly elections. CPI (M) will contest as many as 57 seats while Forward Bloc, Revolutionary Socialist Party (RSP) and CPI will contest one seat each.

Ground level campaign rolls out in Tripura as thousands of Comrades had hit the street today at Kamalpur, Tripura to mobilise support for upcoming Assembly Election which is scheduled on 18th February, 2018. These are the glimpses of the campaign rally.

The conference concluded on the note to intensify against anti-people policies of the BJP led government and build an alternative.

The sixth Jharkhand state conference of the CPI(M) began on 10th January in Dhanbad with a largely attended public meeting addressed by General Secretary Comrade Sitaram Yechury, Polit Bureau Member Comrade Brinda Karat and CC member Comrade G.K. Bakshi and other leaders of the State.

On 7th January in an unprecedented women’s mobilisation in Sonamura Tripura thousands of women attended the largest women’s rally in this district where the constituencies include that of Chief Minister Manik Sarkar.

Our comrades organised a rally in Durgapur of West Bengal on 26th November 2017 demanding immediate restoration of water and power supply in some colonies of Durgapur which had stopped due to breakdown of one of the gates of Durgapur Barrage