CPI(M) in States

The CPI (M), Delhi State Committee expresses its strong opposition to the move of the AAP State Government to deprive teachers of private schools of pay parity with teachers of government schools. This is to be achieved through an amendment in Section 10(1)(a) of the Delhi Education Act.

In Kerala, the CPI (M) led Left Democratic Front has emerged victorious in 5 Municipal Corporations out of 6. It won in Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Kozhikode. Trissur and Kannur. All five Mayors of LDF are from CPI (M). Only Kochi went to the Congres

The results of the local body elections, is a verdict against corruption and communal tendencies. The people of Kerala realized that the Left Democratic Front should be more powerful in order to protect secularism in the country. 

At a massive joint convention held at Jalandhar on 6 November 2015, the Punjab units of four Left Parties - CPI, CPI(M), CPM Punjab & CPI(M-L) Liberation - declared that a sustained mass struggle will be launched for settlement of the 15 Points Demand Charter. 

Protests were held across Karnataka against the attack on a young Dalit writer and journalism student Uchangi Prasad at Davangere in central Karnataka on October 22. Protests were held at Bangalore, Mangalore, Davangere, Tumakuru, Gajendragada and other places since the incident.

Jharkhand has recorded highest number of communal conflicts during last year.  After Jamshedpur violence in July 2015, again Jharkhand simmered with tension on Oct 24, 15. Communal violence occurred in Hazaribag, Palamu and Latehar districts.

Polit Bureau Member, Pinarayi Vijayan reacting to the entry of the Delhi Police into the Kerala House has said that the transgression into Kerala House, alleging that cow meat was being served, is a warning to all. Neither is there a ban on buffalo meat in New Delhi nor is there any restriction on cooking and serving it in Kerala House.

"Women's liberation is intrinsically linked to the fight for abolition of the caste system, one cannot happen without the other. The great social reformer and visionary Aayan-Kali showed the way 100 years ago," said Brinda Karat in her inaugural speech at the massive public meeting at Kollam organized by the Kerala Pulaya Mahila Federation.

Haryana state secretariat of CPI(M) has termed the remarks made by Union Minister Mr. V K Singh as most reprehensible and a criminal offence.

A CPI(M) delegation met the Chief Minister of Delhi Shri Arvind Kejriwal and discussed some immediate and urgent issues. The delegation led by Brinda Karat comprised of State Secretary K.M.Tiwari, and Secretariat members Asha Sharma, Anurag Saxena, Ravindranathan, Neelgagan Singh and Maya.