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January 20, 2015

Press Statement

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) on the
second day of its session at Hyderabad has issued the following statement:

Review Report Adopted

The Central Committee meeting on the second day adopted the Draft Review
Report on the Political Tactical Line after a discussion. The Review
Report deals with the past experience of the Political-Tactical Line and
its implementation with a view to strengthening and expanding the Party’s
influence and advancing the struggle for a Left and democratic front.

Draft Political Resolution

The Central Committee has taken up the discussion on the Draft Political
Resolution for the 21st Congress of the Party. The Draft was presented by
the General Secretary Prakash Karat in the evening session on January 19.
After the discussions are completed the Draft Resolution is expected to be
adopted on January 21.

The Draft Resolution states that with the assumption of power by the
Bharatiya Janata Party at the Centre, the stage is set for a rightwing
offensive comprising  an aggressive pursuit of neo-liberal policies and a
full scale attempt by the RSS-led Hindutva forces to advance their
communal agenda. Such a situation presages the threat of growing
authoritarianism.The Draft Resolution sets out the course of action that
the Party must undertake to fight this twin offensive.

Current Issues

The Central Committee condemned the steps to curtail the MNREGA, the cut
in expenditure in the health and education budgets.

The Central Committee sharply criticized the Modi government for
increasing the excise duty four times and thereby preventing the passing
on to the people the benefits of the steep fall in international oil

The Central Committee adopted a resolution against the Ordinance on the
Land Acquisition Act which called for a broad based struggle against this
attack on farmers’ rights.

The Central Committee also strongly opposed the activities of the Hindutva
brigade all over the country. This multipronged effort to advance the
Hindutva agenda involves such disruptive activities such as
“reconversion”, targeting of minorities and threats to artists and writers
like the persecution of Perumal Murugan in Tamilnadu. The Central
Committee appealed to all democratic and secular forces to unitedly oppose
these communal activities which threaten the secular-democratic
foundations of the Republic.

Protest Obama Visit

The Central Committee called upon all its Party units to join the Left
parties call to protest against the visit of President Obama on January

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