CPI(M) Continues to Fight for the Victims of Underground Fire in Coal Town of Jharkhand

August 06, 2017

Jharia, a coal town neighbouring Dhanbad is on the brink of a huge man-made disaster with a raging underground fire and subsidence of one area after another. Two months ago Babu Khan and his 15 year old son were killed when the ground beneath them suddenly sank and they were literally swallowed up.The Jharia Bachao Samity, CPI(M) and CITU who have been unitedly fighting to save Jharia had organised protests for proper rehabilitation for all those affected.

As part of the struggle, Com. Brinda Karat met the family of Khan and also other affected families. Thousands have been evicted without proper arrangements. Com. Brinda along with State leaders also went to the rehabilitation flats and met hundreds of families. She said, “For Central and State Government coal is more valuable than human lives and humanity which is why the Supreme Court Action Plan to save Jharia is ignored.”

Protests are taking place in many areas. The Central Government and State Government want to hand over the coal in this area to private companies and are therefore forcing people to leave without rehabilitation arrangements.