Panchayat Elections

West Bengal Panchayat Elections

  • Submission of nominations by Left Front and opposition candidates obstructed.
  • Block and SDO offices are cordoned off by TMC armed gangs.
  • Attacks on opposition activists and candidates in all districts.
  • More than 200 people have been injured.
  • State Election Commission is virtually defunct.
  • Police is complicit in attacks on Left, not enforcing standing law and order rules.

Haryana: SC Order Welcome

The Haryana state committee of CPI(M)  has hailed the Supreme Court order staying the draconian and arbitrary conditionalities pertaining to educational qualification and other extraneous conditions like failure of loan return electricity bills etc. for contesting the panchayat elections in the state.

Landslide Victory for Left Front in Tripura

Through this verdict the people of Tripura have demonstrated and reiterated their faith and confidence in the Left Front government. However, there is no room for complacency and self-boasting for this spectacular victory. This has only further heightened the responsibility of the Left Front and obviously the Left Front government. Keeping all these in mind, we shall have to prepare ourselves to discharge our responsibilities and tasks in a befitting manner with due guidance and cooperation of the people of Tripura at large.

Bengal Panchayat Elections Rigged

The entire election has been marred by widespread attacks, intimidation and rigging. Thousands of candidates were prevented from filing nominations. In many places opposition candidates were prevented from conducting their election campaign among the people; the polling process was vitiated by widespread rigging, prevention of people casting their votes and violence against opposition candidates......