Views That Matter

The Modi led BJP government has fast tracked the process of privatisation. It is determined to dismantle the entire public sector in the country, conceived to achieve ‘commanding heights’ of our economy.
The BJP had come to power three years ago promising “Achhe Din” for the farmers and agricultural workers as well as toiling masses.
On International Labour Day 2017, Modi government’s Labour Ministry held an event in Delhi, where officials spent most of their time showcasing portals and apps launched by the government for ‘ease of doing business.’ That, in a nutshell sums up the BJP-led NDA government’s sham of “empowering” t
The Modi government has been regularly trotting out figures of the official wholesale price index to claim that these last three years have been a period of extremely low inflation.
In the whole of last year, just 2.3 lakh jobs were added in eight key non-farm sectors of the economy ranging, according to a recent govt. report.
The 199th birth anniversary of Karl Marx falls on May 5 this year. It is a precursor to the 200th birth anniversary of Marx which is going to be celebrated worldwide.
If we are to believe the propaganda of the BJP and Sangh Parivar – the cattle of India are on the verge of extinction. The blame for this imminent extinction, is laid at the door of those who consume and sell bovine meat – mainly Muslims.
The opposition to Aadhaar mostly centres on the issues of surveillance and privacy. While these are very important issues, the lofty platform on which Aadhaar stands is supported on the myth that biometric based identity is infallible, robust and safe.
The government cannot hide the truth anymore - Indian economy is shrinking. Though, the government is still projecting a rosy picture of 7.1% growth rate for the year 2016-17, only slightly lower than 7.6% of the previous year.
Efforts to privatise public goods and services have helped fuel an increasingly unequal society, says a new report by a US-based research and policy centre.