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Efforts to privatise public goods and services have helped fuel an increasingly unequal society, says a new report by a US-based research and policy centre.
Modi government’s historic blunder of banning notes on Nov.8 has destroyed the lives of crores of poor people in the country, causing irreversible damage that will cast a long shadow in the months to come.
Modi’s note ban will go down in history as one of the biggest failures of government policy ever to have been seen in any country ever.
RBI's figures on the number and value of new notes it has put in circulation do not add up. The discrepancy is of more than half a trillion rupees. Is RBI trying to deceive people by claiming to print more notes than it actually did?
Durgapur was once known as the Ruhr of Bengal – the heart of its industrial landscape, a centerpiece of the Durgapur-Burnpur-Chittranjan belt of capitalist industry.
No economy can ever be cashless.....On its side, the government has given no logical justification for this baffling step, which raises deep suspicions on the real intent behind demonetisation.
A quarter century has passed since neoliberal economic policies were imposed on India in 1991.
Tamil Nadu has a long history of brutal violence against dalits and other marginalised communities. It also has a long history of struggle and success against caste discrimination and upliftment of oppressed communities.
There is a long history, going back decades, of Communists fighting against caste discrimination and for socio-economic uplift of dalits and adivasis in Andhra Pradesh.
A quick study in various key industrial sectors of the country, with the help of CITU has starkly revealed the wretched conditions of contract labour and the increasing use of this evil system by employers – both public and private – to extract the last drop of blood and sweat from workers to max