CPIM in Parliament

The Internet is becoming more and more important in people’s lives – as a source of knowledge, a means of communication, and as the vehicle for all forms of media. This has led to the demand that the internet be declared a public utility and for the opposition to violations of net neutrality.


How can a sitting minister say molestation is an act of God, says Yechury


What's happening in Chattisgarh now. Your argument for having same party's Govt. both at centre & state has fallen flat. 

P. Rajeeve on budget.
I request all the Members that while taking on the legislation for the corporatization of the country, they should stand against this type of policies by voting. 

India is considered as a nation of lakhs and lakhs of villages. India is an agricultural country. It is the backbone of our economy. So, the farmers and agriculture workers constitute a major force in the productive sector, that is, agriculture. So, agriculture has to be given the utmost importance with regard to many of the policy decisions that the Government has taken.

Payment of Sugacane arrears to farmers. 
According to the Indian Sugar Mill Owners Association, dues owed to the sugarcane farmers by the mills may touch record Rs.17,000 crores by the end of March, 2015. Including Tamil Nadu, every sugarcane-producing State is very much affected. 

I stand here to draw the attention of the House to a very serious issue. I wish HRD Minister had been here. She was here only but it is my misfortune that I could not speak before her. The issue is that a few lakhs of para-teachers were not being paid full wages of teachers. They are running the school education system throughout the country but their livelihood and employment has been put to serious threat.

Sir, people from the Government, the same political combine, their other wings and associations, make such statements every day. What is the sanctity of the assurances being made, even by the Prime Minister, when such things have been happening every day?

I beg your indulgence in the matter of time to present my views on this Bill. I stand to oppose this Bill in totality. I demand that the House must scrap this. This is a Bill, which, at every stage, will hit the basic interests of the nation. Hon. Finance Minister, while presenting the Bill, said that this Bill aims at bigger insurance penetration, bigger coverage of health insurance, etcetra, etcetra to cover all the people.