CPI(M) in States

The Himachal Pradesh state secretariat of the Communist Party of India Marxist has termed the budget placed by the state government as a routine affair which has no strategy for the induced growth in the state

At the outset let me express my happiness at being able to participate in such a rally, particularly a rally for communal harmony.

Competition for Power in AIADMK - Power Hunger in DMK -

BJP trying to enter by the back-door – People’s Issues ignored

CPI(M) to conduct ‘Meet the People’ campaign Feb 20 -25

The CPI(M) demands that the Governor must uphold democratic principles and immediately ensure constitutional process of conducting floor testing to prove the majority without further delay.

In a meeting held today at Ranchi the Left parties have decided to expose the conspiracy of the state government to allow big business houses to loot the lands to the tribals & indigenous people of Jharkhand in the name of development.

Punjab State Committee of CPI(M) has finalised  the following list of 12 candidates who are to contest the seats of its share of 52 seats jointly contested by left front comprising CPI, CPI(M) and

On the day of voting, hundreads of polling booths were captured and false voting took place without any limit. The result and the margin of votes clearly reflect this farce.

One should never ignore the fact that the so called political violence in Kerala, particularly that of Kannur is being sought to be made a subject of discussion all over the country with a political motive. The political motive is to create an impression that law and order is in dire straits in the state of Kerala.

The Jharkhand State Secretariat of the CPI(M) has strongly condemned the act of the Jharkhand State Government to falsely implicate villagers including leaders and activists of CPI(M) in the case of police firing on October22,2016 at Saiko village of Khunti district.

Continuing its murderous attacks on the CPI(M), RSS goons hurled bombs at the house of A Ashokan, Koothuparambu Block Panchayat President and a member of the Cheruvancheri Local Committee (Kannur) of the CPI(M), on October 22.