Do You Know?

Eight core sectors of Indian economy grew cumulatively at a lower pace of 2.7% in 15-16 against 4.5% in '14-'15.core sectors are: coal, crude oil, natural gas, refinery products, fertiliser, steel, cement and electricity.

Drought-affected Maharashtra's record in MGNREGA is poor. In 2015-16, the state generated 763.65 lakhs persondays as compared to the 872.36 lakhs persondays in pre-drought year of 2012-2013. It's partly due to reduced funding (Rs. 212 crore less) from the Centre. (MGNREGA Public data portal)

Barely 1% of Indians paid direct tax in 2011-2012, even lesser than the 2.5% who had filed returns, reveals data released by the IT Dept. In absolute numbers, this comes to 1.25 crore out of 123 crore Indians during FY '11-12.

Only 18,359 Individuals reported salary income of Rs. 1 crore or more in financial year 2011-2012. Of these, most reported income between Rs. 1 and 5 crore while barely six reported income between Rs. 50 and 100 crores.

Nearly 1 in ten child deaths uner the age of one in India can be attributed to domestic violence against the mother during the marriage.

Only 46% of India’s net sown area (land which is sown at least once) is irrigated. The remaining 54% supports 44% of the population and depends completely on the monsoon rains (Ministry of Agriculture)

The gap in monthly expenditures between tribal households and upper castes increased from 49% in 1999-2000 to 53% in 2011-12 in rural areas and from 45% to 48% in urban areas. (NSSO)

In urban areas, upper caste households reported incomes that were 65% more than dalit households in 1999-2000. This gap remained a still shocking 60% in 2011-12. (NSSO)

Average income of dalit households in rural areas was 38% less than upper caste households in 1999-2000. This gap had practically remained unchanged in 2011-12 at 37%. (NSSO)

About 86% of the rural and 82% of urban population is not covered by any kind of health expenditure support, whether government funded or private insurance covered. Any case of hospitalization thus plays havoc with family budgets and leads to indebtedness. (NSSO)