Do You Know?

Every year between 2003 and 2012, over $44 billion was illegally taken out of India without being taxed. 98% of this illegal flow was done by multinational corporations through trade misinvoicing, a kind of accounting fraud. (Global Financial Integrity)

Has Modi’s ‘Make in India’ failed? In the first 7 months of Modi Sarkar, only 4.2 lakh jobs were added in 8 core industries, compared to 4.19 lakh jobs added in 2013. (Labour Bureau)

Has Modi’s ‘Make in India’ failed? Index of Industrial Production (IIP), a measure of how the industrial sector is faring, grew by just 2.8% in 2014-15. Manufacturing grew by just 2.3% and mining by 1.4%. (Ministry of Finance)

Unpaid domestic work by women in India is worth Rs.1.75 lakh crore every year, while similar work by men is worth Rs.43,000 crore. (Lancet Commission on Women & Health)

Only 10% of rural households have regular salaried jobs, of which two thirds are govt. employees. (SECC)

In 92% of rural households in India, the breadwinner’s monthly income was less than Rs.10,000. For 75% of rural households this was less than Rs.5000. (SECC)

Over 9 crore rural households (51% of all) survive by doing casual manual labour. Of these 5.37 crore households are landless. (SECC)

Private hospitals charge three times as much as govt. ones on an average.For eye diseases, private hospitals can cost up to 6.5 times more than government ones, for an obstetrics or neonatal case, seven times and childbirth eight and a half times. (NSSO)

About 86% of the rural and 82% of urban population is not covered by any kind of health expenditure support, whether government funded or private insurance covered. Any case of hospitalization thus plays havoc with family budgets and leads to indebtedness. (NSSO)

About 120 lakh people join the workforce every year in India but an average of only 55 lakh new jobs are added every year since 1993. (NSSO and Census)