Some Important Articles From The Marxist

{Theoretical Quarterly of the CPI(M)}




1984 Congress Socialist Party & Communists EMS Namboodiripad
1984 Marx & Trade Unions BT Ranadive

Bourgeois Parliamentary Democracy

1984 Action Groups/Voluntary Organisations Prakash Karat
1985 Naxalism Today Prakash Karat
1985 Developments In Sri Lanka Ramdas
1985 Education & The Ruling Classes Sitaram Yechury
1985 Marxism & The Individual G Simirnov
1986 Marxist Cultural Movement in India EMS Namboodiripad
1986 Revolutionary Traditions of May Day BT Ranadive
1986 Fifty Years of Peasant Movement HS Surjeet
1990 Evolution of Our Tactics In Perspective H.S. Surjeet
1992 BJP: A Reactionary Response Prakash Karat
1992 Communalism, Religion and Marxism Sitaram Yechury
1993 100th Birth Anniversary of Mao Zedong H.S. Surjeet
1995 Science, Society & Philosophy in India EMS Namboodiripad
1995 Antonio Gramsci & His Times EMS Namboodiripad
1995 75th Anniversary of Formation of CPI H.S. Surjeet
1995 On Communist Unity H.S. Surjeet
1995 CPI(M)'s Fifteenth Congress H.S. Surjeet

In Memory of Shapurji Saklatwala

H.S. Surjeet

Saklatvala and Fight against Rascism

1996 Saklatvala From Capitalism to Communism  
1996 Importance of Dutt Bradley Document H.S. Surjeet

Marxism of the Era of Imperialism

EMS Namboodiripad
1998 Remembering EMS Namboodiripad H.S. Surjeet
1998 EMS: The Marxist Pathfinder Prakash Karat
1998 EMS: In Literary & Cultural Arena P. Govinda Pillai
1998 EMS On Decentralisation Thomas Issac
1998 Book Review: Study of The Manifesto P. Ramachandran
1998 Working Class & Communist Manifesto Sukomal Sen
1998 Manifesto: Struggle Against Globalisation Prakash Karat

`Rolling' Back State capitalism

Kartik Rai
1998 150 Years of Manifesto H.S. Surjeet
1998 Agrarian Economy & Liberalisation Utsa Patnaik
1998 Post-`Reform' Growth Trajectory Prabhat Patnaik
1998 Socialism: A Viable Option Jose Cabrera
1999 On Current International Situation H.S. Surjeet

Economic Crisis And The Working Class 

Sukomal Sen

Yugoslavia: An Imperialist War

Tania Noctiummes Jean Pierre Page
1999 Military Strategy of US Imperialism Prakash Karat
1999 Lessons of Chinese Revolution H.S. Surjeet
1999 Difference Between Chinese & Indian Sit. P. Patnaik
1999 Road to Socialism In China Sitaram Yechury
1999 Jiang Zemin's Speech -- CPC 78 Anniversary  
2000 Uneven Development & Capitalism C.P Chandrasekar
2000 Intellectual Capital As Property Amit Sengupta
2000 The Brown Out of the New Power Policy Vivek Monteiro
2000 Community of Democracies Prakash Karat
2000 Shiv Sena: Semi Fascism In Action Ashok Dhawale
2000 Globalisation of Culture Sukomal Sen
2000 CPI(M) Programme Updated H.S. Surjeet
2000 CPI(M) Programme -- Strategy Reiterated  Prakash Karat
2001 Impact of Globalisation & Liberalisation H.S. Surjeet
2001 Power Sector Reforms in Andhra Pradesh B.V. Raghavulu
2001 New Economy & Novel Forms of Struggle P. Purkayastha
2001 J.D. Bernal: A Centenary Tribute Arjun Patil
2001 Ten Years of Economic Liberalisation P. Patnaik
2001 Review of W.Bengal Assembly Elections  
2001 Deng Xiaoping Theory & Socialism's Destiny Yang Chungui
2002 17th Party Congress of the CPI(M) H.S. Surjeet
2002 Extracts from 17th Congress Pol-Org Report  
2002 Israel-Palestine Conflict: Sharonism Rampant Vijay Prashad
2002 Intervention Against Caste Oppression In TN P. Sampath
2002 L.F Govt: Bastion of Left Democratic Forces Prakash Karat
2002 An Assessment of the Bush Doctrine Vijay Prashad
2002 CPI(M) Policy Document On Tribal Question  
2002 Class Strugle & Caste Oppression J. Bandyopadhyaya
2003 Cancun WTO Meeting Amit & Prabir
2003 Chinese Economy In 21st Century  Li Tieying
2003 War On Terror & World Economy CP Chandrsekhar
2003 Agrarian Sit. & Alternative Policies SR Pillai
2003 Casteist Organisations & Party Kerala St. Comm
2003 The Century of The Electron Arjun Rao
2003 The Communist Party & Organisation Anil Biswas
2004 50th Anniversary of Dien Bien Phu Vo Nguyen Giap
2004 Implications of BJP Rule Prakash Karat
2004 Kerala Style Decentralised Planning Prabhat Patnaik
2004 US Imperial Designs Aijaz Ahmed
2004 Agricultural Workers & Unfreedom Vikas Rawal
2004 Pablo Neruda Turns 100 Vijay Prashad
2004 CMP In Higher Education Thomas Joseph
2004 Federalism & The Political System in India Prakash Karat
2004 Socialism In The Era of Globalisation Sitaram Yechury
2004 The Country Will Defend Itself Fidel Castro
2004 UPA Government's Economic Policy Prabhat Patnaik
2005 18th Congress of The CPI(M) Prakash Karat
2005 Indo-US Agreement Raghu
2005 Judiciary & Empowerment of People Prabhat Patnaik
2005 Maoism’: An Exercise in Anarchism Anil Biswas
2005 Rajasthan Peasant Struggles Vikas Rawal
2006  UPA Government’s Economic Policies Prasenjit Bose
2006 Implications of the Indo-US Strategic Alliance Prakash Karat
2006 Land Reforms in Venezuela V.K. Ramachandran
2006 Necessity of Marxism Prabhat Patnaik
2006 The WTO at Crossroads Amit Sengupta
2006 Bhagat Singh: An Immortal Revolutionary Ashok Dhawale
2006 Political Situation & The Party's Tasks Prakash Karat
2006 Need to Amend the SEZ Act Prasenjit Bose
2007 Kerala Ajoy Ghosh
2007 Industrialisation in West Bengal Buddhadeb Bhattacharya
2007 Scientific Realism For Contemporary Marxist T. Jayaraman
2007 Student Front: Policy & Tasks CPI(M) Document
2007 Higher Education: Commodification & FDI Vijender Sharma
2007 Agrarian Transition in West Bengal Surjya Kanta Mishra
2007 South African Road to Socialism SACP Document
2007 Indo-US Nuclear Deal: Struggle to Defend National Sovereignty Prakash Karat
2007 Agrarian Crisis and the Way Out S. Ramachandran Pillai
2007 Growth & Crisis In Contemporary Capitalism C.P. Chandrasekar
2007 85 Years of the Japanese Communist Party JCP Document
2008 West Bengal LF Govt, Panchayats, Municipalities &  Tasks Document
2008 Kerala: Assurance to the People Resolution
2008 Extracts From Tamilnadu Pol-Org Report Document
2008 Extracts From Andhra Pradesh Report Document
2008 Extracts From Rajasthan Report Document
2008 KKE's Experience Since Early 1990s Document
2008 19th Congress and the Changed Political Situation Prakash Karat
2008 19th Congress Political-Organisational Report -- Part II Document
2008 CPI(M) Note to 13th Finance Commission Document
2008 Managing Multilingual India Ayesha Kidwai
2008 Venezuela: Democracy, Socialism and Imperialism James Petras
2008 Conflict in the Caucasus: A Turning Point in Post-Cold War Era M K Bhadrakumar
2008 Global Financial Crisis: Lessons in Theory and Practice Prasenjit Bose & Rohit
2008 Approach Paper on Restructuring of Centre-State Relations Document
2009 On Lok Sabha Election Results Prakash Karat