Workers’ March From Durgapur

Durgapur, with rich legacy of workers’ militant struggles, is on the path of resistance again. A three-day, 55 kms march by thousands of people started on Monday from Durgapur. The people are demanding policies to save industries and defend workers’ rights.
The industrial belt of Durgapur-Asansol is in crisis with a spate of closures, lock-outs, forcible shut downs, mass retrenchment of workers, and ouster of contract workers. This, coupled with looming threat of privatization of coal mines, has imperiled the entire area. Trade Unions have come on the streets to save industries, defend workers.
On Monday morning Com. Dipak Dasgupta, general secretary of CITU West Bengal Committee flagged off the protest march after a massive public meeting attended by more than 30 thousand people at Durgapur. CPI(M) Bardhaman District Secretary Amal Halder, CITU leader Bangshagopal Chowdhury, Vivek Homechoudhury, Avas Roy Chowdhury and other leaders were present at the programme.