Campaigns & Struggles

Election campaign of comrade JP Gavit rolls on with door to door meetings for Dindori Lok Sabha Constituency. Comrade Gavit along with others has been one of the leading face of Kisan Long March

Comrade Raghunath Singh, our candidate from Anandpur Sahib Lok Sabha constituency held campaign meeting at the Gate of Swaraj Mazda Aston. The workers of the factory extended support to comrade

Comrade Amra Ram, our candidate from Sikar Lok Sabha constituency of Rajasthan has started his small street corner meetings. Comrade Amra Ram has led many struggles for the farmers of the state

On April 8 comrade Ajay Kumar filed his nomination from Ujiarpur Lok Sabha constituency in Bihar. Thousands of farmers, workers, students, youth and women participated in the rally to show support

CPI(M) running a successful campaign for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Details along with photographs from a few constituencies are as follow:

Our cadre is campaigning relentlessly for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections to defeat TMC-BJP. Here are few details from various constituencies along with photographs.

Comrade Biraj Deka, our candidate from Kokrajhar is receiving positive response from the people as he fights money, muscle power and divisive forces in his constituency.

Comrade Dalip Kayath is our candidate from Mandi Lok Sabha constituency. He is intensively campaigning.

A massive public meeting was held on April 4 for the inauguration of election campaign of 7-Time MLA com. Jeeva Pandu Gavit for Dindori constituency. More than 30000 people attended the public

Party's candidate com. Ajay Kumar is doing door to door campaign and taking the alternative politics of the left to the people. To defeat the BJP alliance and to strengthen the left and to ensure