‘Mukhamukham' Programme Organised by Kunnur Press Club

March 23, 2019

CPI(M) Polit Bureau member Prakash Karat attended the 'Mukhamukham' (face to face) programme organised by Kannur Press Club on 22 March 2019. He said that Five years of Modi government has created records in the betrayal of people and in administrative failure in all sectors. Their electoral promise was to create 2 Crores of new employment opportunities every year. As per the official figures, our country is now at the highest unemployment rates in the past 45 years. One of the other electoral promises was that they would give the minimum support price for agricultural crops as mandated by the Swaminathan commission report. The farmers, however, are receiving the lowest income in the past 14 years. This is the situation in every sector. Economic growth and industrial growth has stooped down. Fiscal deficit has increased. Price rise has reached the epitome. In addition to all of these, the communalisation and offensives against constitutional machineries which is unheard in hitherto history. The Left is introducing such fundamental issues that affect Indian and its citizens, in front of the people.
BJP and the Narendra Modi government is trying to divert the attention from these real issues by raising jingoistic nationalism. An uncompromised position must be adopted against BJP Government's anti-people policies and communal-fascism.
The Congress has not understood it yet. They are trying to fight extreme hindutva with soft hindutva. In a response to a question, Com. Prakash Karat has clarified that the understanding that a direct contest must be avoided in sitting seats in West Bengal was broken by Congress.