The CVC Must Go

In the light of these revelations, the Polit Bureau of the  CPI(M) demands that the CVC be removed from office immediately and an enquiry ordered into the manner in which he dealt with the then CBI Director Alok Verma.

CBI Raid on Delhi CM's Office

The CBI raid on the office of the Chief Minister of Delhi is highly condemnable and smacks of a politically motivated act. It is unprecedented that in the name of investigating the accusations against a bureaucrat, the office of the Chief Minister should be sealed and files searched, as alleged by the Chief Minister.

Pursue Appeal in Babri Masjid Case

The appeal against the Allahabad High Court verdict acquitting top BJP and VHP leaders of criminal conspiracy in the demolition of the Babri Masjid is pending before the Supreme Court.  The CBI had made the appeal nine months after the High Court verdict of May 2010.  The CBI has been lax in pursuing the matter in the Supreme Court.

On CBI Director’s Meetings

The reports of the CBI Director Shri Ranjit Sinha meeting a number of persons who were being investigated by the agency at his residence, raises disturbing questions. Some persons were charge-sheeted by the agency and some have dubious antecedents. It is highly improper and irregular for the head of the premier investigating agency to be meeting such persons and that too at his residence. There has to be a high level probe into the matter and suitable action taken thereafter.

2G Case: Investigate PMO

It is surprising that the CBI has not investigated this aspect of the 2G spectrum case. The Prime Minister’s related efforts at distancing himself from the affair have also been exposed. The Prime Minister cannot absolve himself of his responsibility in the matter. The Polit Bureau demands that the role of the PMO is specifically enquired into by the CBI. The Joint Parliamentary Committee should summon both the Prime Minister and A. Raja to testify.

Pursue Bofors Case

The way the Bofors case has been handled to allow the guilty to go unpunished is a continuing reminder that there is no check against corruption in high places. If the people have to have any confidence that the recent large-scale corruption cases will be investigated and acted upon, the Bofors case will have to be pursued without let-up.