cow slaughter

On Economic Implications of Restrictions on Cow Slaughter

India’s livestock economy is among the biggest in the world. A ban on cow slaughter would either result in more and more unproductive animals being killed in most unscientific and cruel ways or would entail such a high cost for maintaining unproductive animals that cattle rearing would cease to be a profitable enterprise for farm households. Restrictions being imposed on cow slaughter and the actions of the cow vigilantes would deal a serious blow to the agrarian economy and in particular to the livelihoods of the poor and middle peasants in rural India.

Jharkhand Lynching Condemned

These young men were cattle traders and were on their way to a market with a herd of buffaloes when they were beaten up and hanged to death from a tree by so-called cow protection vigilantes. This incident happening within 100 kms of the state capital of Ranchi is reminiscent of the Dadri lynching not long ago.

Mainpuri Attack: Take Firm Action

The violence in Mainpuri in Uttar Pradesh once again highlights how the issue of cow slaughter is being utilized to target the minority community.  A mob attacked four men who were accused of killing a cow, two of whom are injured and in a critical condition.  Some shops belonging to Muslims were set on fire.  The Polit Bureau condemns these attacks.