Letter to Prime Minister

Brinda Karat's letter to PM on OROP

A number of wives and family members of defence service pensioners have met me on the OROP issue and narrated their sad plight. Today, August 17, I visited the site of the dharna at Jantar Mantar and was deeply saddened by the words of defence personnel who have served the nation and who today were being forced to sit on indefinite hunger strike. It is a shame on the country that such a situation has developed which makes a mockery of the concept of Jai Jawan

Letter to PM: Judicial Probe into Purulia Arms Drop

Though sixteen years have elapsed and some of the accused were sentenced in the trial conducted in a Kolkata court, much remains to be cleared up about this incident which was a serious assault on our country’s sovereignty and security. It concerns a conspiracy to unleash violence against the then elected state government of West Bengal. It is also a case which had international ramifications along with the role of an organisation like the Ananda Marg, which was once banned by the Government of India.