Rescind These Ordinances

The net gainer of all these amendments would be the middlemen, traders and financial intermediaries who will squeeze both the producer, the farmer, and the consumer. This is a recipe for the total destruction of whatever little of the public distribution system that is left.

Days of Resistance Ahead: Prakash Karat

The CC discussed about current political situation. It noted that the three ordinances issued recently reveal the true character of the Modi government. Bowing to the demands of corporate lobby to dilute the Land Acquisition Act, it issued the ordinance bypassing the parliament. Similarly Coal Ordinance. The CPI(M) will join hands with all other political parties and organisations that are opposed to these ordinances and build a nationwide movement against these measures.



No to Ordinances

As for the Bills which are designed to combat corruption, after doing nothing for five years, the Government is now seeking the ordinance route. Moreover, the government could have easily extended the session of parliament by a few days to get them discussed and adopted.