Peasant Struggles: Maharashtra Experience

Marxist, XXXIV, 1, January-March 2018

Ashok Dhawale

Peasant Struggles

The Maharashtra Experience

Aim of Agrarian Revolution

The Party Programme of the CPI(M) characterises the present stage of the Indian Revolution as the People’s Democratic stage. The three main tasks set by it are anti-imperialist, anti-monopoly capital and anti-feudal. The agrarian revolution is considered as the axis of the People’s Democratic Revolution. Explaining this, the Party Programme says in Para 3.15:

Police Brutality on Peasant March in West Bengal



Police Brutality on Peasant March in West Bengal

A Quick Report by Debashish Chkraborty.


Thousands of peasants and agricultural workers braved police attack and marched towards state secretariat Nabanna today. For the first time in last four and half years all roads leading to Nabanna, a virtual fortress, were blocked as waves of peasants surged towards the state administrative headquarters.