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On 9th August 1942 , the Indian people had warned the British rulers that they had to leave the country in the form of the Quit India movement.  The people of Satara district of Maharashtra took Gandhiji’s slogan literally and from the very next day they overthrew the yoke of British rule in thei
The divisive policies followed by the Modi government and the RSS-affiliates serve the purpose not only of paving the way for establishing a theocratic, fascistic political system but also divert attention of people from various economic ills plaguing the country.
The country is facing a severe bout of inflation. The retail inflation is above 7 per cent. The whole price index has increased by 15 per cent. The food stuffs with 24 per cent weightage in the index has increased by 16.9 per cent in the month of June. In short, food inflation is an important...
Recently, Prime Minister Modi has taken to criticising political parties that indulge in what he called “revdi culture”. Revdis are sweets, often distributed as alms. In fact, there is a Hindi idiom that says “andha baante revdi, apne apnon ko de”, that is, a sightless person will distribute revdis...
To mark the eighth anniversary of its rule and Narendra Modi becoming Prime Minister, the BJP has launched a fortnight long programme around the slogans ‘Sewa, Sushasan, Garib Kalyan’ which means ‘service, good governance, welfare of the poor’.
It is eight years since Narendra Modi became Prime Minister of India, heading an NDA government. The BJP is observing this anniversary in a big way, combining it with their election campaign for some state Assembly elections due later this year, Gujarat being one of the important ones.
The only way of addressing this runaway inflation is for the government to clamp down on profiteering and hoarding, expand the public distribution system to bring various commodities in its ambit (like cooking oils, vegetables, milk, etc) and to step up wheat as well as other grains’ procurement.
The past eight years have seen increasing economic hardship for families of common people. Unemployment, insecurity of jobs, low wages and salaries, closures and retrenchments, and the complete stoppage of work during the lockdowns have destroyed people’s livelihoods and lives.
In the recently held Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, where the ruling BJP was victorious, a bizarre phenomenon emerged. Chief minister Yogi Adityanath was repeatedly applauded as ‘Bulldozer Baba’ and he seemed to relish this strange description.
Dear Prime Minister,