Views That Matter

Average monthly spend for a household of four persons was merely about Rs.8,000 for rural areas and Rs.14,000 for urban areas.
The U-UCC is a shoddy piece of legislation which has been adopted to serve a narrow political purpose. It is a fraud both in terms of uniformity and equality. It centralizes power in the government over consensual relationships which is anti-constitutional. It seeks to impose a majoritarian view on...
There is no doubt that the 26-28 November struggle by the workers and peasants of India will play a major role in saving India and then in changing India for the better. Let us all bend all our energies to make it a resounding success!
The ferocious conflict which has erupted with the astounding Hamas attacks in southern Israel and the Israeli counteroffensive with the savage bombardment of Gaza constitutes a new chapter in the ongoing history of the occupation and the resistance to it by the Palestinian people.  
The larger picture is that while large sections of the people are being pauperised, the government seeks positive support through direct transfers just before elections. Rest of the time, the BJP and its many senas, and vigilante groups fracture communities. If the minorities—Muslims and Christians...
On the day after Ajit Pawar and several other NCP MLAs joined the Maharashtra government, a newspaper cartoon depicted an ED officer’s desk with the usual two trays for files. The twist was that while one was marked “In”, the other was marked “Sworn In” instead of the customary “Out”.
The BJP election manifesto of 2014 started with a section entitled “Attend the Imminent” and the very first item in that section was price rise, where it accused the outgoing UPA government of threatening the food security of millions by having ushered in “runaway food inflation”.
We need to advocate for inclusive education that provides equal access to all students without any discrimination. The Kerala Model of Education can serve as a pathway to strengthen public education and ensure that education is not treated as a commodity. Let's work towards an education system that...
The damage that has been done so far by saffronizing education in the last decade is unimaginable. The challenge of reversing this is a major challenge.
NEP 2020 has to be rejected as it cannot lead to an egalitarian society and a strong nation. It is a weapon to deepen the existing disparities.