Views That Matter

NEP 2020 has to be rejected as it cannot lead to an egalitarian society and a strong nation. It is a weapon to deepen the existing disparities.
Let the prime minister answer: Is he, his government and party against the “dual systems”, the constitutional and legal provisions for tribal communities? Is he going to scrap these protections to impose a uniform civil code? Or will the uniform civil code not be applicable to tribal communities...
Even while the ruling party prevented any interventions by Opposition parties in Parliament it continued to push through government business without discussion. One of the items was introduction of a Bill to amend the Forest Conservation Act, 1980.
Several indicators that measure the quality of life of children and women show a marked variance when Gujarat is compared to Kerala. This gives a snapshot of the difference between the ‘Gujarat Model’ and Kerala’s people oriented path of development.
The 22nd International Meeting of the Communist and Workers Parties (IMCWP) gave a clarion call to launch united campaigns against oppressive and exploitative policies of imperialism and capitalism.
It was a moment hard to define. Kumar's body lay inert, around which his Adivasi and non-Adivasi near ones had gathered in huge numbers, traveling overnight from far and near. Adivasis, among whom he had spent half a century, were not ready to accept the fact.
In the background of acceleration of inequality, the obsession that the prime minister is exhibiting on freebies is perverse. The discourse of some pundits on appropriate and efficient support system for the poor also in the context of freebie debate would qualify to be in the same perversity brand...
On 9th August 1942 , the Indian people had warned the British rulers that they had to leave the country in the form of the Quit India movement.  The people of Satara district of Maharashtra took Gandhiji’s slogan literally and from the very next day they overthrew the yoke of British rule in thei
The divisive policies followed by the Modi government and the RSS-affiliates serve the purpose not only of paving the way for establishing a theocratic, fascistic political system but also divert attention of people from various economic ills plaguing the country.
The country is facing a severe bout of inflation. The retail inflation is above 7 per cent. The whole price index has increased by 15 per cent. The food stuffs with 24 per cent weightage in the index has increased by 16.9 per cent in the month of June. In short, food inflation is an important...