Views That Matter

The central government has finally allowed the release of the report of the 2017-18 Periodic Labour Force Survey. The previous government had blocked its release before elections because the survey showed a massive increase in the unemployment rate, worst in the last 45 years.
In an attempt to get more seats in West Bengal, the BJP led by Prime Minister Modi and his right-hand man Amit Shah, have been vigorously fanning the flames of religious division and animosity during their campaigning in the state.
The buzz in global markets is that international oil prices could start rising again with the US scrapping all exemptions to its sanctions on trading with Iran.
If Indians were to vote on the basis of just the number of schemes that were introduced by BJP government, there is no doubt BJP would win hands down in the ongoing elections. Mr.
Prime Minister Modi has been leading a frenetic election campaign, flying from one corner of the country to another, addressing public meetings. He sets the agenda for his party, and whatever he says, is quickly repeated by innumerable BJP leaders and activists. Corporate owned TV channels and...
BJP leaders in general and Narendra Modi himself in particular have sought to turn the 2019 Lok Sabha elections into a contest on the issue of “nationalism” and national security. The means they have adopted to do so completely exposes how false their claim to nationalism is and how hollow their...
Hopefully, they will get their jobs back once Mr. Modi’s sarkar is made redundant.
NYAY, in other words, may end up being a big ANYAY on the poor of India. We might end up with another horror of targeting errors, just as in the BPL/APL division, in case NYAY becomes policy.
As the country marks the 128th birth anniversary of Dr.Bhimrao Ambedkar on 14 April 2019, Dalit communities across India are preparing to deliver a blow to the RSS/BJP and its allies for the nightmare of the past five years.
The ruling BJP released its manifesto for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections recently. Expectedly, it is full of praise for the Prime Minister Modi and his govt. Also, it is bristling with wild promises, some repetitions of their 2014 pledges, some new ones.