Views That Matter

The ruling BJP released its manifesto for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections recently. Expectedly, it is full of praise for the Prime Minister Modi and his govt. Also, it is bristling with wild promises, some repetitions of their 2014 pledges, some new ones.
Selling out national public assets to private corporates has been a hallmark of BJP rule. The BJP has followed in the footsteps of the Congress in doing so, and has sought to beat the latter in the game, even as they engage in empty talk on “nationalism”.
NDA government’s policies have hit the adivasis hard. Their policies on mining and minerals have opened the floodgates of loot of mineral wealth in adivasi areas. They have undermined statutory restrictions on transfer of adivasi lands to non-adivasis. Public expenditure on schemes meant for...
Mobilisation in the name of cow protection has been one of the most vicious and communally-charged campaign that Hindutva forces have run during the current NDA government’s rule.
The NDA government came to power on a number of promises. Assuring affordable, accessible and effective healthcare was one of them – Swasthya Bharat Samridhha Bharat.
Modi led BJP Government has only followed a policy of pauperising and dispossessing the peasantry by deliberately pushing them into distress by withdrawing State support, aggressively pursuing trade liberalisation and the gamut of Neo-Liberal Economic Policies.
BJP’s Election Manifesto of 2014 had emphatically declared that “BJP commits highest priority to agricultural growth, increase in farmer's income and rural development”. Specifically, BJP had promised 50% profits over cost of production, scientific land use policy and no acquisition without farmers...
Over the last 5 years there have been concerted attempts at providing a “friendly” climate for private capital to make large profits and for the rich to accumulate more wealth through that.
5 years ago, the Modi Government came to power on the promise of delivering “Achhe Din” to the people of India. The promise, however, was simultaneously made to two sets of people.
The task for the technical community – as we have discussed earlier in these columns – is to make sense of the new world that digital technologies are creating: from the new media to artificial intelligence. From production to consumption, the world is changing. How do we rework our social goals of...