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Arun Jaitley has taken it upon himself to come with a defence of the draconian Land Acquisition Ordinance. He is clearly seeking to defend the indefensible. What he claims are the obvious answers actually seek to camouflage the hidden intent and obvious motives with which the Modi-led BJP...
One of the defining features of India’s working class, and perhaps an in-built obstacle to its advance, is that women are either confined to the most ill-paid, insecure and vulnerable jobs, or they are simply kept out of the workforce
When the state becomes oppressive, the strike becomes a necessity. The All India General Strike on 2nd September is therefore the need of the hour; it is the fight for fundamental rights.
Workers Stand Up To Make 2nd Sept Strike A Success
The total number of farmer suicides in the country since 1995 crossed the 300,000-mark in 2014. However, the 2014 data are not comparable with 19 earlier years of farm suicide data. This is so due to major changes in methodology of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB).
Once again, a massive survey of our country’s people has thrown up a picture of extreme poverty. One part of data collected under the Socio-Economic and Caste Census (SECC) was released this month by the BJP led government. This data relates to poverty and deprivation in rural areas. The caste part...
Today, a petition endorsed by eminent jurists, Members of Parliament, leaders of political parties, eminent individuals from different walks of life was submitted to the President of India requesting him to consider the mercy plea against the execution of the death sentence of Yakub Memon.
At last, people’s unity and CPI(M)’s determined efforts led to joyous Eid celebrations in Sri Ram Colony and people rejoiced without fear of terror.
Vyapam is not the only scam haunting the MP government. Over 150 scams involving thousands of crores have been unearthed so far, involving not only the CM and his wife but other BJP ministers as well.   
“Ab Hamara Hindustan, Mulla Bhago Pakistan” is the slogan which is been raised by RSS Karyakartas in a Park in Shri Ram Colony, a Muslim Majority locality. The Sakha is been forcefully organized inspite of opposition of locals there. During the Sakha, in addition to raising provocative and...