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The phenomenal expenditure incurred on military by wealthy nations, particularly United States, not only diverts precious resources from improving lives of their people, but also ensures that they dominate the world through actual use or show of force in order to push their economic interests. 
New Health Policy: Preparing for Privatisation
Selling India’s Poverty in the Name of ‘Make in India’ 
Dismantling Food Security in India
During Obama's visit, the US and Indian governments announced that they have at last found a way around India's Civil Liability for Nuclear Damages Act, 2010. Instead of the US nuclear suppliers having some liability for their supplies, as envisaged in the Act, all the liability would now be...
all likelihood, when Obama meets Modi in New Delhi, he will again try to put pressure on India to ease up on its patent laws so that Big Pharma (giant US and European pharma companies) can sell their exorbitantly priced drugs in India, under protection of patents. 
For the second time in his two-term presidency, Obama will be visiting India, this time round as the Chief Guest of the Republic Day Parade. He is the first US President to be given this largely ceremonial honor. That’s a sign of how much the Modi government is willing to bend over backwards to...
The brutal killing of the cartoonists of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo by two men reportedly belonging to the Al Qaeda has triggered a massive wave of protests in France. 
The Modi Government in an authoritarian manner has amended the Land Acquisition legislation through an Ordinance without going through the Parliament. The CPI(M) had criticised the Act brought by the UPA Government as being inadequate and had moved amendments to it.
Since the BJP government came to power in , PM Modi, many of his cabinet colleagues and a slew of RSS affiliated organisations  have been arguing that ancient Indian sages and seers had developed science to such an extent that many of the modern sophisticated scientific achievements are mere...