Views That Matter

Unlike what Modi” cheerleaders would have the world believe, Modi’s orchestrated NRI shows in foreign lands do not reflect what the Indian people are thinking. The pro corporate, anti people policies of his Government and the increasing role of the RSS at all levels of governance are leading to...
Narendra Modi and the BJP Manifesto had promised that the BJP Government will usher in “achhe din” for farmers and put an end to farm suicides. They also claimed that the BJP Government would  increase public investment in agriculture and rural development, take steps to ensure: a minimum of 50...
Modi sarkar’s biggest betrayal of the Indian people has been on its promise of jobs. During his year-long election campaign in 2013-14, Narendra Modi promised jobs to everybody, especially the youth.
How are Indian women living under Modi rule? This is a government of promises and advertisements, owing allegiance to corporate capital. Indian women have no place in the new face of the country created by the government.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi had visited 18 countries in his first 12 months in office – that’s an average of one country every 20 days! No wonder apologists of BJP and Modi are trying to project 'foreign policy' as the government's biggest achievements
Two groups of commodities are the nub of the problem – pulses (dals) and vegetables. Even the official wholesale price index (WPI) concedes that inflation in pulses is above 15 per cent.
In the year that has passed since the Modi government came to power the Indian economy has not witnessed the great turnaround that it had promised to deliver.
Prime Minister Modi and his government have been tom-tomming their commitment to Sab ka Vikas (everybody’s development) and one of the major policies through which they think ‘development’ will take place is “financial inclusion”
One year of Modi Sarkar has been witness to an unrelenting campaign of ‘Saffronization’ that has encompassed or touched upon so many social spheres that its ultimate objective of achieving the establishment of a Hindu Rashtra can no longer be questioned.
Modi government had been very keen to implement labour reforms that the industries had been demanding for long. Introducing the new spell of reforms on October 2014, the Prime Minister underlined the importance of labour in making India and argued for viewing the issues related to labour from the...