Views That Matter

The Modi government has completed three years at the Centre. The BJP came to power with the slogan of ‘Sab ka sath Sab ka vikas’ but in practice, the governance of the country has become ‘Poonjipati ka Sath Vanchiton ka Vinash’ (Support the capitalists, destroy the deprived).
As the third year of Modi government ends, the communal Hindutva campaign of RSS-BJP has reached top gear. Yogi Adityanath, the unashamedly divisive face of the Saffron Brigade, being put at the helm of the biggest state of the country is the most blatant expression of this.
Commercialisation and saffronisation of the education system has intensified in the NDA II regime of Narendra Modi. Funding has been cut for public educational institutions and some are being privatised.
When the Modi government swept to power in May 2014, it did so without a single Muslim or Christian MP among the 282 who won on the party’s ticket.
Three years of Modi Raj. How has it been for the women of this country? In one word: devastating.
Doing terrible things in an organized and systematic way rests on "normalization." This is the process whereby ugly, degrading, murderous, and unspeakable acts become routine and are accepted as "the way things are done." There is usually a division of labor in doing and rationalizing the unthink
India’s banking system, which was robust enough to withstand the financial crisis of 2008, is facing yet another crisis today.
The Modi led BJP government has fast tracked the process of privatisation. It is determined to dismantle the entire public sector in the country, conceived to achieve ‘commanding heights’ of our economy.
The BJP had come to power three years ago promising “Achhe Din” for the farmers and agricultural workers as well as toiling masses.
On International Labour Day 2017, Modi government’s Labour Ministry held an event in Delhi, where officials spent most of their time showcasing portals and apps launched by the government for ‘ease of doing business.’ That, in a nutshell sums up the BJP-led NDA government’s sham of “empowering” t