Views That Matter

An unprecedented wave of workers’ and farmers’ struggles spread across the whole country through the year that is coming to an end. It challenged the Modi government and its pro-rich, anti-working people, anti-farmer policies, forcing the govt. to reverse course in some cases.
State did not spend nearly Rs.60,000 crore allocated funds, has debt of Rs.2.48 lakh crore – but social sector spending is a mere 5.6%, ranking it 25th out of 28 states.
Agricultural output is stagnating, farmers’ debt and suicides are rising, 35% cultivators have abandoned farming – gujarat’s development model has betrayed farmers.
The law for curbing female feticide was never strictly implemented in Gujarat, allowing large scale illegal killing of girl fetuses.
Window to Real Gujarat Part 3 - Canals meant to irrigate 34,000 hectares are reaching 3361 hectares after 10 year delay, says CAG.
Fake enrollment, idle machinery, no certification and limited jobs for trainees, discovers CAG performance audit.
Doctors and nurses are not in position, sub standard medicines are being doled out, patients are crowded on beds and floors, and many ICUs have no equipment.
Three and a half years down the line, Modi sarkar has betrayed this trust on all counts. At the central govt. level and at the state level where the BJP is in power in many states, charges of corruption are flying thick and fast.
In a stark and chilling confirmation of what the whole country has known for some time, a govt. report shows that Indian workforce (those actually working) declined from about 54% of the working-age population in 2011-12 to 51% in 2015-16.
Latest reports indicate that Indian people continue to be haunted by hunger and malnourishment, with very minor improvement – and even worsening in some cases - over the past few years. Despite this shocking state of the country’s citizens, ending hunger is not on the agenda of Prime Minister Modi...