Views That Matter

Two years have passed since the installation of the BJP led government at the centre and there is growing frustration at the inability or unwillingness of the present government to provide leadership in key areas of public policy. 
Modisarkar’s single biggest failure – betrayal is a better word for it – is on the jobs front. Two years ago Modi was voted to power because he promised again and again in his campaign speeches that the days of joblessness are going to be over soon, “achche din” (good times) are coming.
 “Hungry man, reach for the book: it is a weapon”, said the German poet and playwright Bertolt Brecht.The RSS attacked a library and burnt it down, the people of Kerala have now turned books into weapons to fight and defeat communal-fascism.
Everything is business in the neo-liberal era. Nothing can be of any value until and unless it can be used to make profit. The market is supreme and it should flourish at all costs. This idea is crippling our sense of social responsibility.
Notified in September 2013 during the last leg of the UPA-II’s tenure, the National Food Security Act (NFSA) of 2013 has now been existence for more than 30 months. Although it kick started with 11 states/UTs (Bihar, Chandigarh, Chhattisgarh Delhi, Haryana, HP, Karnataka, MP, Maharashtra, Rajasthan...
The 62 billionaires and the truth about inequality  
One of the two biggest failures of the Modi Sarkar has been its complete failure to control food prices. The other failure is creation of jobs. Let us look at the prices here. Food prices have climbed up steadily in the past one year destroying family budgets and undermining much needed nutritional...
Facebook is back with its game of trying to pretend that its platform is a substitute for the Internet, particularly for the poor.
Was Tipu Sultan a secular icon or was he a Muslim despot? Tipu Sultan was just another military ruler- imperialist in his ambitions, merciless in victory and benevolent in peacetime. He wasn’t anything Ashoka in his pre-Kalinga days wasn’t. Ideally, one should have left him at that. A few volumes...
This perversion of the concept of India as a secular democratic republic defined in our Constitution to a theocratic and supremacist one is what is straining to tear apart India today. To counter this grave threat, we need to understand what the RSS is and what its history has been.