Views That Matter

On 2 September 2016, crores of workers across the country will go on strike demanding an end to the all-round attack launched by the government against their lives, livelihood and dignity.
Irom Chanu Sharmila‘s decision on July 26, to call off her 16-year-old fast against atrocities and human rights violations by the Armed Forces on the people of Manipur, especially women, and getting away with it under AFSPA, speaks volumes about the Indian State’s complete disregard for her and
Soon after the PMs condemnation of the Una incident in his post Mann Ki Baat address, the RSS also criticised the attack on Dalits. The timing of the two statements shows the weakness of the conviction behind it.
The people of the United Kingdom have voted in a historic referendum in favour of the country quitting the European Union (EU). Most of the mainstream media have been telling us that the campaign for Britain to Leave the EU was entirely that of a far right lunatic fringe.
What do the recent attacks by the saffron brigade on democratic rights of students across left-leaning campuses across the country imply? As a case study, I wish to highlight the situation at Jadavpur University (JU).
The 4th visit of Modi to the US has very little to show as achievements. No wonder, the headlines screamed about “the start of the preparatory work” on six nuclear reactors as a major achievement.
On 28th September, 2015, Md. Akhlaq was brutally killed, his son, Danish critically injured and his home vandalized in Dadri (UP) after rumours circulated that his family had cow’s meat in their home.
Everyone remembers that during the Lok Sabha election campaign by Narendra Modi he had promised ‘Na Khaunga, na Khane Doonga” (will not take bribes, nor allow anyone else to do so) What is the reality?
In a country where more than 20 crore people do not get an adequate daily diet and go to bed hungry, where half the women and over 60 percent of children are anemic, Modi government’s silence and inaction is nothing short of criminal.
Prices of most food items have been continuously rising throughout the two years of Modi’s misrule. This is a continuation of the trend seen under the previous UPA government.