Days of Resistance Ahead: Prakash Karat

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Prakash Karat at Press conference at Hyderabad on January 20, 2015


1. The CC discussed about current political situation. It noted that the three ordinances issued recently reveal the true character of the Modi government. Bowing to the demands of corporate lobby to dilute the Land Acquisition Act, it issued the ordinance bypassing the parliament. Similarly Coal Ordinance.


The CPI(M) will join hands with all other political parties and organisations that are opposed to these ordinances and build a nationwide movement against these measures.


2. The anti-people nature of Modi government is evident in the issue of petro prices. Despite international crude oil prices reducing by over 60 per cent in the recent past, the government is not passing the benefit of this reduiction to the consumers which would have increased the purchasing power of people. On the contrary the government increased the escise duty on petro products four times since Septemeber


3. Last 8 months of Modi govt, we have seen full scale offensive launched by RSS. We are witnessing attacks on writers/artistes. Perumal Murugan in Tamilnadu has been targeted by RSS and forced to withdraw his book.

The PM has not said a word condemning these attacks and provocative programs such as ghar wapsi.

The Left will unite with all other secular and democratic forces in the country to counter the Hindutva forces designs.


4. The CPI(M) opposes Obama visit as chief guest at our Republic Day parade because as a head of state he is attacking the sovereignty and independence of many countries even today. Having him as chief guest is a wrong symbol to celebrate our Republic Day. 


Moreover Obama is coming with a list of demands and main among them is the dilution of our Civil Nuclear Liability law that would protect the interests of our people in the vent of accidents like Fukushima. This dilution would benefit American corporates. Also the American corporates are seeking dilution of our patent laws. The Modi govt is giving in to pressure of US govt on all these issues against the interests of our people. It is going to sign a 10 year Defence Framework Agreement seeking to make India a partner in US strategy.


5. Responding to a question on merger of CPI-CPI(M), Karat said merger or reunification is not on agenda right now. The CPIM) believes that the necessity of time is for unity of the Left parties and their strengthening. We are trying to bring in this unity in action. Only then can we think of further steps. 


6. Kiran Bedi as CM is the internal matter of BJP. But it must be noted she had opposed political parties per se till few weeks back while sailing with Anna. The people of Delhi have shown last time that they want an alternative to Congress and BJP. Six Left parties are fighting these elections as a bloc.


7. There is no change in CPI(M)'s stand towards Congress. In class terms there is no difference between Congress and BJP. As a party opposed to neo-liberal economic policies there is no question of supporting Congress. However we differentiate between Congress and BJP on the question of communalism. 


8. Replying to another question, Karat asserted that there would be coordination and joint activity with parties only on issues. It would not be just electoral manoeuvrings or alliances. We would rather strengthen the Left and democratic alternative.