P B Communique

The CPI(M) has always maintained that Aadhaar should not be mandatory for any welfare scheme. The reality is that lakhs of poor are being denied universal rights in the name of non-authentication of Aadhar. This renders vulnerable crores of poor people whose existence is dependent upon the accessibility to welfare schemes. Unfortunately, the majority judgment of the Supreme Court continues to maintain Aadhar as mandatory.

No to Aadhar-Voter ID Linkage

Though the Election Commssion (EC) has some time ago clarified through a press communiqué that the Aadhar Card detail are voluntary and not a compulsory requirement for being enrolled on the voters list, this practice as I mentioned above seems to suggest that the EC has decided in making the Aadhar card as a mandatory requirement for the exercise of franchise. -- Sitaram Yechury

P.B. Communiqué

The CPI(M) and the Left parties have been protesting against the exorbitant rise in the price of unsubsidized gas cylinders and the ceiling on subsidized gas cylinders of nine per year. Protests against this price rise were held in various parts of the country. .....However, the oil companies continue to insist on Aadhar linkage for the supply of subsidized gas cylinders and payment of the full market price for the cylinder on delivery and reimbursement later. The Polit Bureau demands the scrapping of the Aadhar linkage and the delivery of the twelve cylinders at subsidized rates, as earlier.