P.B. Communique

The Polit Bureau discussed the broad outlines of the contents of the Report and the Resolution for the Organisational Plenum to be held from December 27 to 31 of December, 2015 at Kolkata. The replies to the detailed questionnaire by the Party Centre to the State Committees have been received and the documents for the Plenum will be prepared incorporating these as well. The Polit Bureau will meet on 28th and 29th of October and the Party Central Committee from 13th to 16th of November to finalise the documents for the Plenum.


Quake Devastation in Nepal

The Polit Bureau of the CPI(M) expresses its deep sorrow at the devastating impact of the earthquake in Nepal. It extends its condolences to the families of the hundreds who were reportedly killed in the earthquake. The people of India stand in solidarity with the Nepalese people in this time of calamity. The CPI(M) calls upon the Central Government to immediately provide all necessary assistance to Nepal.

On Patna Bomb Blasts

These cowardly attacks once again highlight the urgent need to strengthen intelligence against terror attacks. Governments at the Centre and the state have to coordinate to ensure that the real culprits are arrested. The Polit Bureau calls upon the people of Bihar to maintain and strengthen their unity.