bomb blasts

On Patna Bomb Blasts

These cowardly attacks once again highlight the urgent need to strengthen intelligence against terror attacks. Governments at the Centre and the state have to coordinate to ensure that the real culprits are arrested. The Polit Bureau calls upon the people of Bihar to maintain and strengthen their unity.

Blasts in Bodhgaya Condemned

No effort should be spared to identify and nab the culprits responsible for this heinous crime. It is also necessary to inquire how the criminals could have access to the area which was supposedly under security cover with police posted on the premises. Once again the issue of better and sustained coordination between the Centre and State Governments comes to the forefront as does that of the capacity of intelligence agencies. On both fronts the government has to take urgent steps.

Terror stike in Pune

Media reports on the prior warnings concerning a possible terror attack in Pune are indeed disturbing as these attacks have taken place despite this. It is imperative in the interests of the country’s internal security that such lapses be identified and rectified urgently.