Political Corruption Under Transnational Capitalism

The study of the forms and functions of how political corruption is understood within capitalist societies has been an area of significant neglect within Marxism.  There have been countless studies that have examined the ‘corrupting’ effect of capitalism and economic interests upon politics, but there has yet to emerge a systemic or cohesive Marxist understanding of political corruption as such

Thousands Rally in Mumbai

On August 1, 2015, the CPI (M) Maharashtra state committee organised an impressive rally of over 10,000 people as part of the nationwide campaign against the anti-people and pro-corporate policies, communal conspiracies and corruption scandals of the BJP-led Modi regime at the Centre, and the BJP-led Phadnavis regime in the State.

P.B Communiqué

All these scams conclusively prove that corruption in high places has reached new heights under the crony capitalism being promoted by this Modi government. Its claims to have offered a “corruption free government” stand shattered.