C.C. Communique

The withdrawal of the TMC from the government, even the partners of the UPA government differing with the anti-people measures adopted – all go to show that the Manmohan Singh government has no mandate to push through such reforms. The September 20 all India protest and hartal showed the discontent and fighting mood of the people. The Central Committee resolved to intensify the movements and struggles in defence of people’s livelihood and to mobilize the people against high level corruption.

On The Coal Scam

Coming after the 2G, CWG, KG gas and Air India scams, the coal scam is yet another misdeed of this scam-ridden UPA government. All these scams are outcomes of the big business-corrupt politician-bureaucrat nexus which has flourished under the neoliberal policy regime.

UPA Government Solely Responsible

The events orchestrated by the UPA Government leading to the abrupt adjournment of the Rajya Sabha, displays their utter contempt for Parliament. It constitutes a flagrant violation of the very principle of parliamentary democracy. It is precisely because the Government was facing certain defeat because of its lack of a majority to prevent the passage of important amendments being moved by the opposition to strengthen the Bill that it blocked the voting by adjourning the House sine die. It used its allies in different ways to sabotage the voting.

P.B. Communique

The explanation that it is an inter-ministerial note prepared with inputs from various ministries only underlines the authoritative nature of the conclusions...  P Chidambaram has to take responsibility for his action and resign...

Bribing of MPs: Wider Probe Required

During the confidence vote a number of MPs were induced to defect to the Government side. At least 19 Members of Parliament belonging to opposition parties violated the whip of their parties. Many of them were subsequently disqualified. It is well known that they were bribed or intimidated to do so. The case of the three MPs who produced cash on the floor of the house is only one small part of the overall operation undertaken by the ruling party and its allies to bribe and suborn MPs. Obviously, Amar Singh was not acting alone.

Government Has to Respond

At present, however, the fight against corruption can be taken forward only when a strong Lokpal authority is constituted. The government Lokpal Bill has been rejected by large sections of the people; it is not acceptable to the Left parties and most of the opposition parties. In such a situation, there is no other way for the government, but to bring a modified or fresh Bill which can pave the way for an effective Lokpal

Observance of August 23

Given the overwhelming support for the Anna Hazare fast, it is imperative that the Central Government immediately initiate talks with the representatives of the Anna Hazare group so that the issue of adopting an effective Lokpal legislation in parliament is resolved.