Economic Policies

11 Parties Declaration

Responding to the people’s urge for relief from the growing burdens, the leaders of 11 parties have resolved to work together for strengthening the democratic framework ending corruption and ensuring accountability in government; establishing a firm secular order which recognizes the plurality and diversity of our society; providing a people-oriented developmental path which addresses the concerns of inequality, social justice, farmers’ interests, minorities and women’s rights...

Support to Neyveli Strike

The Neyveli workers are raising a demand which is in the national interest, that the policy of disinvestment in public sector be stopped. The Government of India should forthwith rescind the decision to disinvest shares of this profitable navaratna company. ....The CPI(M) extends its full support to the struggle and the demand of the workers raised unitedly by all the trade unions.

Petrol Price Hike Condemned

This hike in petrol prices will increase transportation costs and, once again, drive a further increase in the prices of essential commodities at a time when the government has utterly failed to control food inflation. Having disbanded the administered price mechanism for petroleum products, the government is making the people bear the cost of its flawed economic policies.

Central Committee Communique

The Central Committee noted that the Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal and the Law Minister Ashwani Kumar, were finally forced to resign after the Prime Minister and the Congress party resisted this demand while the parliament session was on. This has exposed the hypocrisy of the Congress which has blamed the opposition for the disruption of the parliamentary proceedings since the wrong-doing of the ministers became known.