Lok Sabha elections

On Lok Sabha Verdict

The verdict of the people in the 16th Lok Sabha election has been clear and decisive. There has been an anti-Congress wave which has routed the Congress and the UPA. The BJP has gained from this anti-Congress wave resulting in a big victory for the BJP and the NDA. There was an unprecedented use of money power in these elections...The results for the CPI(M) and the Left parties have been disappointing. The Left Democratic Front made gains in Kerala and the Left Front in Tripura won with increased margins. However, the widespread rigging, violence and intimidation targeting the Left Front in the elections in West Bengal has led to a distorted result....

Ensure People's Verdict is Not Manipulated

The CPI(M) has demanded that the Election Commission of India take “necessary measures and make proper preparations to ensure that the democratic verdict of the people is not manipulated further at the stage of the counting of votes” in West Bengal. In a letter addressed to the Commission by Polit Bureau Member, Sitaram Yechury, the Party has suggested among other things provision of adequate security for the counting agents of all parties. The Party has expressed the apprehension that the widespread violence and intimidation witnessed during the last phase of polling in West Bengal will find reflection during the counting process also.

P.B. Communiqué

The CPI(M) and the Left parties have been protesting against the exorbitant rise in the price of unsubsidized gas cylinders and the ceiling on subsidized gas cylinders of nine per year. Protests against this price rise were held in various parts of the country. .....However, the oil companies continue to insist on Aadhar linkage for the supply of subsidized gas cylinders and payment of the full market price for the cylinder on delivery and reimbursement later. The Polit Bureau demands the scrapping of the Aadhar linkage and the delivery of the twelve cylinders at subsidized rates, as earlier.