Editor's Note

July-September 2022

Editor’s Note

The distinguishing feature of the post 2019 Modi government is the aggressive pursuit of the Hindutva communal agenda of the fascistic RSS. Among many other lethal features of this aggressive pursuit is the feverish unfolding of the neo-liberal reforms trajectory that has cemented a corporate-communal nexus. This trajectory has also strengthened India’s dependance on global finance capital, reducing India as a subordinate ally of US imperialism in global political, strategic and military spheres.

Misuse of History: Assault on Democracy in India

Marxist, XXXVIII, 1–2, January-June 2022

Aditya Mukherjee

Misuse of History:
Assault on Democracy in India

India is today witnessing the cynical use of ‘history’ to destroy the very basis on which the Indian nation state was imagined by the nearly hundred year long Indian National Liberation Movement and the basis on which the democratic Indian republic was formed after winning independence from British colonial rule in 1947. The very survival of the Indian nation state, not only its character is at stake today. 

Document: NCERT Text Book Revision

Marxist, XXXVIII, 1–2, January-June 2022


Changes in NCERT Textbooks

Below, we are reproducing in full, a series of articles that appeared in the national daily, Indian Express, reviewing the recent changes made to school textbooks by NCERT. In carrying these news reports, our aim is to direct attention to the deliberate omissions being made in educational materials and to establish the sinister, ideological plot undergirding these choices.