The Left in India’s Freedom Movement and in Free India

Marxist, XXXVII, 1–2, January-June 2021
The Left in India’s Freedom Movement and in Free India
The author of this paper has been an active participant in the left movement since the early 1930s. His personal knowledge of the movement is naturally confined to the progress registered during the last half-century. The left movement, however, dates back to the early years of the present century, or almost three decades earlier than the author’s entry into it.

Frederick Engels: Co-Founder of Marxism

XXXVI, 3-4

July-December 2020

Frederick Engels:  Co-Founder of Marxism

Sitaram Yechury

Frederick Engels is often referred to as the world’s first Marxist.  Nothing can be farther from the truth.  Engels was a collaborator of Marx, contributing in equal measure to the evolution of the Marxist world outlook. 

However, with his characteristic self-effacing modesty, Engels may have proudly accepted this status.

Editors Note

XXXVI, 3-4

July-December 2020

Editor’s Note

This double issue of the Marxist is dedicated to the 200th birth anniversary of Frederick Engels that falls on November 28, 2020. Under normal circumstances, without the raging pandemic, necessary precautions and the lockdown restrictions, the CPI(M) would have observed this event in a befitting manner like the Party observed Marx 200 in 2018-19.