PCP: Communique of the Central Committee

Marxist, XXXV, 3, July-September 2019

Communist Party of Portugal (PCP)

Communique of the
Central Committee

The Central Committee of the PCP having met on October 8, 2019, analysed the results of the elections for the Assembly of the Republic and the elections for the Legislative Assembly of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, and the resulting political framework, appreciated aspects of the international situation, and set down lines of action, political initiative and Party strengthening to respond to the demands that arise.

Peasant Movement and Dalit Rights in East Thanjavur

Marxist, XXXV, 3, July-September 2019


The Peasant Movement and
Dalit Rights in East Thanjavur,
Tamil Nadu

This essay[1] presents a comparison of the conditions in which the Dalit people of East Thanjavur lived in the 1940s and the living conditions of the Dalits after agrarian struggles were launched, up to 1991. Some of the challenges that remain to be overcome are also outlined here.

CPI's 1930 Document - Draft Platform for Action

Marxist, XXXVI, 1, January-March 2020

Communist Party of India

Draft Platform of Action, 1930


The Indian people is groaning under the yoke and the exploitation of British imperialism. Relying upon their political and economic supremacy, and squeezing billions of rupees year by year out of the miserable national income of India, the blood-thirsty imperialists have brought the toiling masses of the people to a state of famine, hopeless poverty, intolerable slavery and mass extinction as a people.

Interview with Álvaro García Liner

Marxist, XXXVI, 1, January-March 2020

Álvaro García Linera

‘In Moments of Crisis, Behind Every Moderate Liberal, There’s a Fascist’

An interview with Álvaro García Linera by Elodie Descamps and Tarik Bouafia[1]

Álvaro García Linera was the Vice President of Bolivia who was ousted in the coup against President Evo Morales. He told Jacobin about the coup d’état and the murderous violence now being unleashed against Evo Morales’s supporters.