October Revolution

Oct. Rev & Transition from Capitalism to Socialism-Communism

Marxist, XXXIII, 4, October-December 2017

d. Koutsoumpas

The Significance of the October Revolution in the Era of the Transition from Capitalism to Socialism-Communism

In 2017 we will honour the 100th anniversary of the Great Socialist Revolution that took place in 1917 in Russia. This event marked and determined the course of millions of people, not just within the geographical confines of the first workers’ state in the history of humanity, the USSR, but it also had an impact of every corner of the planet for many decades.

Commemorate October Revolution

This Plenum on Organisation reiterates with emphasis our 21st Congress resolution on the centenary of the Russian revolution that called for 'celebrations to commemorate the centenary year in all-round way', beginning November 7, 2016 by organising events 'in the political, ideological, and cultural spheres', and 'to conduct a campaign to propagate socialism'.