Condemn Israel's War on Gaza

The 1.7 million people of Gaza continue to remain under a brutal siege, with the Israeli stranglehold affecting even basic necessities such as food and medicine. Reports available indicate that hospitals are running out of medicine. Power and water supplies have been cut to the Gaza residents.

Resolution on Palestine

Resolution on Palestine
Adopted at the 20th Congress of the CPI(M), Kozhikode, April 4-9, 2012
This 20th Congress of the CPI(M) condemns Israel’s continuing occupation of Palestinian territories in complete violation of international law and many United Nations resolutions.  The brutal siege of Gaza, arbitrary arrests and the detention of thousands of Palestinians in West Bank and Israel without trials, targeted assassinations etc. show Israel’s total contempt for international law. The Zionist government has been fully backed and supported by the US government in all its illegal actions.