Memo on PDS in Delhi



Shri Asim Ahmed Khan

Minister for Food and Supply,

Government of N.C.T. of Delhi                                                                                                    7 August, 2015


Memorandum on Public Distribution System in Delhi


Dear Shri Khan,


Ensure Universal PDS

The Polit Bureau strongly condemns the deliberate negligence of the Modi Government towards implementing and improving the Food Security Act and its expansion to ensure food security as well as nourishment to all Indians. This is all the more urgent in the light of the 2015 FAO report on the State of Food Insecurity.

Food Security Ordinance

The CPI(M) had wanted the central government to give utmost priority to this matter. However, the Union Government failed to bring in a proper legislation for nearly four years for the consideration of parliament, and now an ordinance is being promulgated. The ordinance route shows contempt for parliament and is anti-democratic.

Oppose Cash Transfers

This will have an adverse impact on increasing malnutrition and hunger. The CPI(M) strongly opposes such a policy shift away from provision of foodgrains, kerosene, fertilizers etc instead of providing for a universal PDS at controlled prices.

Oppose Open Market Auction & Export Of Foodstocks

The CPI(M) strongly opposes the Government’s decision to sell 10 million tonnes of “surplus” foodstock to bulk consumers like flour millers and biscuit makers through auction under the open market sale scheme as a part of its supposed plan to tackle inflation and dispose the rising foodstocks. 2.5 million tonnes of grain will be allocated monthly through auction for the next four months on a “no profit, no loss basis”.