Commemorate October Revolution

This Plenum on Organisation reiterates with emphasis our 21st Congress resolution on the centenary of the Russian revolution that called for 'celebrations to commemorate the centenary year in all-round way', beginning November 7, 2016 by organising events 'in the political, ideological, and cultural spheres', and 'to conduct a campaign to propagate socialism'.

Plenum: Day Three

Discussions on the Draft Report on Organisation and the Draft Resolution on Organisation continued for the second day today.  On the first day a total of 19 delegates spoke. Today 10 delegates spoke in the forenoon.

C.C. Communiqué

The Central Committee finalized the Draft Report on Organisation to be sent to all State Committees. The Central Committee will meet on December 26 and finalise the report to be presented to the Plenum beginning December 27, 2015 at Kolkata. Massive preparations through state wide jathas and mass contact programmes are underway in West Bengal to make this plenum a big success. 

Plenum Preparations

The details of the Organisational Plenum have been finalized.  Plenum will be held from December 27 to 31, 2015 at Kolkata.  It will be attended by 436 delegates.  There will be a Report on Party Organization and a Resolution which will be adopted at the Plenum.

C.C. Communiqué

The Central Committee expressed serious concern at the rapidly deteriorating conditions of the people’s livelihood that are a direct result of the more aggressive pursuit of neo-liberal economic policies by the BJP-led Modi government.