Sitaram Yechury


Marxist, XXXVII, 1–2, January-June 2021
As we approach the 75th anniversary of India’s independence, a new narrative is being scripted to metamorphose our secular democratic Constitutional Republic into a fascistic ‘Hindutva Rashtra’. This new narrative is the complete negation of and the antithesis of India’s epic struggle for freedom and the Indian State that was established under the Indian Constitution.

Frederick Engels: Co-Founder of Marxism

XXXVI, 3-4

July-December 2020

Frederick Engels:  Co-Founder of Marxism

Sitaram Yechury

Frederick Engels is often referred to as the world’s first Marxist.  Nothing can be farther from the truth.  Engels was a collaborator of Marx, contributing in equal measure to the evolution of the Marxist world outlook. 

However, with his characteristic self-effacing modesty, Engels may have proudly accepted this status.