Peasant Movement and Dalit Rights in East Thanjavur

Marxist, XXXV, 3, July-September 2019


The Peasant Movement and
Dalit Rights in East Thanjavur,
Tamil Nadu

This essay[1] presents a comparison of the conditions in which the Dalit people of East Thanjavur lived in the 1940s and the living conditions of the Dalits after agrarian struggles were launched, up to 1991. Some of the challenges that remain to be overcome are also outlined here.

TN: CPI(M) To Contest R K Nagar

CPIM contesting in RK Nagar By-election. Local committee secretary R.Loganathan (39) announced its candidate. CPI(M) state secratary G.Ramakrishnan, CC members T.K.Rangarajan and C.Sampath announced it to the press. "TN people need alternative to policies pursued by AIADMk, DMK, BJP and Congress. CPIM candidate will be the correct alternative choice before RK Nagar people" G.Ramakrishnan said.

He appealed Left and Democratic forces of the state to support CPI(m) candidate. He has asked CPI and VCK for support.

P.B. Communique

The CPI(M) state committees in West Bengal, Kerala, Tamilnadu and  Assam are scheduled to meet to prepare a detailed review of the CPI(M)’s performance in the elections and the post election political situation arising in these states.  On the basis of these review reports prepared by the state committees, the Central Committee will conduct its review at its forthcoming meeting from June 18-20.