CPI(M) unequivocally condemns the brutal torture on woman in Parui

The brutal torture of a woman by officers of the Birbhum police in Parui has once again unveiled how the joint action force of police-TMC is operating in West Bengal. The police came in search of a person alleged for hurling bomb but they tortured his relative after they failed to find him. The local TMC leaders also joined the police officials. Hifunnesa Bibi, the woman who was tortured, said on 18th January that she was brutally tortured by Birbhum district police officials after they failed to find her relative. She further complained that the police took her to a nearby forest and assaulted her. She named the officer in charge of the Parui police station and the Bolpur police station’s CI (official) in her complaint. She had to be admitted to the hospital in a serious condition.

Note to NIC meeting

The causes for the communal violence are the same as in the past – religious processions moving through mixed areas and provocations taking place; allegations of harassment of young women belonging to a particular community by persons of another community; inflammatory propaganda which leads to a climate of mistrust and any incident can spark off a wider conflict. But what is more disturbing is that riots are sought to be spread in the rural areas as it happened in Muzaffarnagar. In all such riots, it is the minority community which ultimately bears the brunt of the violence in terms of deaths and destruction of property.