Joint Declaration
The country is going to the polls again to elect the 16th Lok Sabha.  This is the occasion for the people of India to decide the future direction of the Indian Republic. 
Five years of the UPA-II government have led to all-round problems and suffering for the people.  Economic growth has slowed down which was already skewed in favour of the rich; unprecedented price rise has caused havoc to the lives of the people; farmers have faced acute distress; youth face unemployment and bleak prospects; lakhs of adivasis, dalits and minorities have faced loss of livelihood; women have faced unprecedented insecurity  and violence; corruption has become the byword for the ruling establishment.
It is time for a change and to throw out the Congress from power.
The BJP, which claims to be the alternative, has no policies different from that of the Congress. Their record in the states where they run governments on corruption and economic policies underline the fact that they are the twin of the Congress and the other side of the same coin. Moreover, they represent an ideology which spells divisiveness, disunity and communal disharmony which will endanger the secular-democratic fabric. 
The BJP and the communal forces must be defeated and prevented from coming to power.
There has to be an alternative to the Congress and the BJP – an alternative which has a democratic, secular, federal  and pro-people development agenda.
We, the leaders of 11 parties, responding to the people’s urge for relief from the growing burdens, have resolved to work together for:
(i)               Strengthening the democratic framework ending corruption and ensuring accountability in government.
(ii)            Establishing a firm secular order which recognizes the plurality and diversity of our society.
(iii)          Providing a people-oriented developmental path which addresses the concerns of inequality, social justice, farmers’ interests, minorities and women’s rights.
(iv)          Reversing the centralizing model at the Centre; creating a true federal system so that all states’ rights are assured, including special category status for states who deserve it.
We urge other secular-democratic parties and forces to join our endeavour.
We appeal to all sections of the people, all citizens to extend their support to our parties and the principles we have set forth.
All India Anna Dravida Munnetara Kazagham
Janata Dal (United)
Samajwadi Party
Janata Dal (Secular)
Biju Janata Dal
Assam Gana Parishad
Jharkhand Vikas Morcha
Communist Party of India (Marxist)
Communist Party of India
All India Forward Bloc
Revolutionary Socialist Party