Press Release

L.K. Advani during his rathyatra campaign in Kanyakumari district has attacked the communists by stating that “when patriots such as Kamraj fought for the country’s independence, the role of the communists is known to the whole country.” Advani further appealed to the people not to vote for the CPI(M) as it “contributed to the divisiveness of the country”.

Advani’s false and malicious charges against the communists will find no takers in Tamilnadu. It is ironical that Advani is citing the role of K. Kamaraj, the Congress leader during the fight for independence. The people of Tamilnadu know that top communist leaders like P. Ramamurti, Jivanandan, N. Shankariah, A.S.K. Iyengar and others were in the forefront of the national movement in Tamilnadu. In fact it is these leaders who were in jail along with Kamaraj. It is well known that the Communist Party in Tamilnadu was formed by leaders who belonged to the Congress-led national movement.

Mr. Advani should answer who were the leaders of his parent organisation, the RSS, or, even the Bharatiya Jan Sangh in Tamilnadu who played a prominent role in the freedom struggle. Like Advani himself, there is no single leader of the RSS and its outfits who can claim to have played any worthwhile role in the freedom struggle in Tamilnadu.
The CPI(M) is contesting the Nagercoil seat against the sitting BJP MP. The people of Nagercoil constituency, just as the people elsewhere, will see through this fake demagogy indulged in by the BJP leader.