(Adopted at the 20th Congress of the CPI(M), Kozhikode, April 4-9, 2012)
Against RSS-BJP  Communal Agenda

This 20th Congress of the CPI(M) notes with grave concern, the misuse of the Government machinery in BJP-ruled States to advance the communal BJP-RSS agenda. In addition, the BJP-RSS continues its communal propaganda in other States also.
The 20th Party Congress holds the hate propaganda of the RSS and its many fronts responsible for the rise of Hindutva terror groups, many of which had used BJP ruled Madhya Pradesh as a base for training. The utter hypocrisy of the RSS combine’s claims to be a patriotic force against terrorism is thoroughly exposed by the fact that many RSS pracharaks are accused in the cases of bomb explosions in Malegaon, Mecca Masjid, Ajmer Sharif and the Samjhauta train blasts in which hundreds of innocent people were killed. While demanding speedy trial and punishment in these cases, the 20th Party Congress calls upon the Central Government to adequately compensate all those Muslim youth who were wrongly accused and jailed for months and years in these cases.
This Party Congress demands justice for the victims of the Gujarat genocide. Justice continues to be subverted for the families of the victims who were brutally killed in the communal violence of 2002. Many of those guilty continue to occupy high office. Every pressure is being brought to save Narendra Modi, Chief Minister from being named as an accused in the Gulbarg Society case, even though there is sufficient evidence of his complicity in the violence. On the contrary, officers who want to give witness against him are being threatened in various ways. This Party Congress demands an end to the subversion of law by the Narendra Modi Government.
There has been an increase on attacks on the rights of minorities as well as communal incidents targeting minority communities in States under BJP rule as in the Mangalore region of Karnataka. Here, churches have been destroyed while a special target of attack has been friendship between students of different communities.
This Party Congress notes with concern that in other States ruled by the BJP, like Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Karnataka, public money is being channeled to NGOs sponsored by the RSS, to help them to spread their communal agenda. In Madhya Pradesh, valuable land has been given to such communal outfits. In addition, secular welfare schemes like mid-day meal schemes or anganwadi centres are sought to be communalized through the introduction of Hindu rituals and recitation of mantras within the functioning of the scheme. The study of the Bhagwat Gita is made compulsory in Madhya Pradesh. In the name of cultural and social programmes young children are made to participate in programmes like Guru Dakshina, thread ceremonies etc., all associated with brahamanical rituals. These create problems for children of the oppressed castes. In particular RSS sponsored NGOs are helped to introduce such Hinduised rituals in adivasi areas to weaken adivasi cultures and diverse forms of worship of their own deities linked to nature.
The civil and police administration are being communalized and brought under RSS control in order to achieve these aims.  Making it legal for Government servants to attend RSS shakhas is actually an encouragement to them to do so. 
This 20th Congress of the CPI(M) pledges to fight communalism of all shades. It pledges to make special efforts to combat this danger in the BJP-ruled States.  It pledges to expose the fact that the Sangh Parivar and other communal groups are also the greatest proponents and supporters of anti-people neo-liberal policies.